JL LeGerrette
This is my space to get the clutter out of my head and into the world.

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I have been a closet writer for most of my life. When the characters in my head are fed up with lounging around like bored actors on a stage, they bang on my head to let them out. "Come on," they cry, "We are so bored waiting here! Give us some direction or at least tell people about us!" I have two other novels in the works so I will keep you posted at the various stages with preview snippets thrown in! To start with, I decided to share:

The Colors of My Life
JL LeGerrette

My first (self) published book is a collection of some interesting and sometimes amusing short stories from my life experiences growing up. It is filled with some heartfelt learning curves thrown in. I included poems that I wrote for the greatest loves of my life, my children. 

If you have not read my book, you can find it by following the link below. You can see there are many online ebook sites to purchase it. Although I am contemplating a second reprint of the paperback version, it is currently sold out. So enjoy the e-version! And please, if you enjoy the book, go to Amazon to leave me some great reviews!


My musings in this blog will no doubt include the experiences of my grandchildren who currently hold my heart in the palm of their hands. Hopefully, you will enjoy their points of view as much as I do.  

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