The Colors of My Life

Short Stories and Poems

These stories and poems are reflections of the zany, humorous, and true situations that I either fell into or created because of the way that I categorized information in my mind.

The main consistency in my childhood was the familiar voice in my head which helped me reason and maneuver through the complexities of life.

This created some funny life lessons along the way that will make you laugh, or sometimes bring a tear to your eye as you navigate the memories in my heart, and possibly find a familiar note of reasoning.

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An Airport Thriller

In You’re Clear, airline supervisor Jahnni Dawson likes her days predictable and safe. After the emergency evacuation announcement blared over the airport intercom, today won't even come close.

Jahnni and four others become trapped in the airport and are forced into a game of cat and mouse with their pursuers. She must draw on all her resources to keep them safe. But does she have what it takes to survive and stay one step ahead of capture?

Her need to be in charge challenges her to let go and trust the others in the group, including FBI agent Beau Harleyman. When one of them offers up a BIG secret about the airport land’s previous owner, trust is all she has left. This thrill ride will sneak up on you and you’ll never see the airport the same way again.

If you like wondering what could possibly go wrong now – then you will love this airport thriller by JL LeGerrette!

Available in e-book and paperback

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"You're Clear"

Great read! Suspense, action, humor and even a little romance. This book has it all. It was especially fun for me to read, as I was traveling and in the Portland, OR airport. I'll never look at airports the same! And just when I thought it was wasn't! Looking forward to her next book.

Gary H.

"Before She Was Clear"

 A prequel to You're Clear, is due out by FALL 2018! Sign up for the mailing list  to receive my newsletter and blog updates!
"The Colors of My LIfe"

Touching, laugh out loud funny, beautiful, all these apply to The Colors of My Life: Short Stories and Poems, by J.J. LeGerrette. Worth your time to read it the first time, this book will leave you thoughtful and smiling and occasionally returning to visit these pages again. My recommendation; read it and share it.

James C